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Many thanks for caring, wonderful dental work and good sense of humor during your visit. You are the "perfect personality" and an excellent dentist!

By: Marcy K.

Dear Dr. Blumofe,
We are so happy that we found your practice and we enjoy working with you.
Best wishes to you and Dr. Blumofe for a happy holiday season!

By: Susan Andersen

Dr. Lisa Blumofe has established a base of trusting clients who can depend on her caring services in a timely manner, while communicating with families and staff in order to establish continuity of care. I would highly recommend Dr. Blumofe to anyone looking for a convenient and compassionate option for Dental Care on site.

By: Noreen McAvoy / Brookdale Hoffman Estates

I am thrilled to highly recommend Dr. Lisa Blumofe for yourself or a loved one. I have known her for many years. She is known to have a gentle touch, upbeat, positive personality and a wonderful smile. You will be in great hands with Dr. Lisa Blumofe!

By: Linda Yost

My wife suffers from FTD (Frontotemporal dementia) and is in a memory care unit. She grinds her teeth and a bridge came loose and the teeth that held the bridge had to be removed. I tried without success to find a dentist that would do the removal at the facility since my wife finds travel difficult. Dr. Blumofe came, diagnosed what my wife needed and told me completely what was needed. Dr. Blumofe showed real concern for my wife, kindness and understanding for her condition. A month later she removed the teeth at the memory care unit. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Blumofe if you have a loved one in a nursing home, memory care unit or a similar facility.

By: Bill Engelmann / Autumn Leaves Bolingbrook

I am grateful to Dr. Blumofe for the extraordinary service she provided to my 97-year-old mother. Given my mother's advanced age, I had been very anxious about the possible effects of two teeth extractions; however, it had reached a point where the procedure could not be put off any longer. Dr. Blumofe's care was both expert and compassionate. I was amazed when my mother experienced no pain after the procedure and no bruising or swelling at all. This far exceeded my expectations, and I was relieved and thankful.

By: Louise Love / Sunrise Wilmette

Dr. Blumofe brought back my smile. After designing a comprehensive treatment plan, she performed a multitude of dental procedures to fix the appearance of my teeth and relieve the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Blumofe was not only very skilled while performing the dental work, she was also kind, compassionate, and patient. She always made me feel comfortable and I appreciated that the work was done in a single patient room. I am so lucky that I found Dr. Blumofe during my time of need and for her continuing care.

By: Laura Kachmarik, Glenview, IL

Hi, I was checking to see when Dr. Blumofe will be back at Asbury Gardens. My dad, Charles Kyles would like for her to check his dentures. He did state that they are a little tight. Also, if possible if she could see my mom, Goldie Kyles. She needs to have a tooth pulled.


By: Kymberly Kamille Kyles Pickett, Charley Keyes / Ashbury Gardens

On a personal note, thank you for your care of my uncle and his teeth extraction. I was traveling, as you probably know, but checked in and know that he did well and recovered without problem. Thank you again and please let me know if there is any follow up that I should be aware of other than normal teeth cleaning and maintenance.

By: Cheri McEssy

I am writing this on behalf of Dr. Lisa Blumofe. I am the Administration Manager here in Bolingbrook. I have worked with Dr. Blumofe and her staff for the past 5 years. They are compassionate, caring, flexible and understanding. They are always there when we need them and when our Families have questions. I always recommend Dr. Blumofe’s services to our New Resident’s that move in and I most definitely recommend them to you.

By: Stephanie Schiemann